How to Magically Manifest Everything You Want in Life


Gigi, how long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become a Women’s Empowerment leader and Infinite Possibilities Coach & Mentor?

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment, and a resulting “compelling story”, that brought me to where I am today – mentoring people like you on exactly what to do to undo yourself sabotage and activate your manifesting magic to start living your

Extraordinary Life NOW. That defining moment in my life happened in the Fall of 2000.

I found myself just out of another 10 day hospital admission. This time they finally diagnosed my 34 year pain and suffering as Crohn’s Disease but this time rather than all the drugs and rest to “ease” my pain I had a severe drug reaction that resulted in a “near death experience” my last 36 hours in the hospital. I prayed like never before for help along with my mother and husband who doesn’t even pray but things were so dire… he did. I got a miracle and a “guardian angel” physician came in and corrected the situation. I knew I had received a miracle but now what? I started to ask.

Leaving the hospital a mantra of repetitive words kept coming out of my mouth as I told my story over and over and even played on repeat when my mouth was silent…

“GOD,I need a break please God give me a break”. Had I not just got a break? A miracle even. I was alive, I had a diagnoses and meds. My parents were going to help me for a week or two until I was strong enough to go back to my job. How could I be so ungrateful, who was I to ask for MORE? “God, I need a break, I really need a break, please!”

I was miserable in all areas of my life. I was in debt, and I was sick, I was unfulfilled, I was not living up to “my potential”, I felt guilty and I was so terribly worn out because I was always having to hit rock

bottom HARD to get the help that I needed to change directions and try something new. Searching for my purpose, for peace, for happiness and fulfillment. I knew there had to be a better way than all this pain and suffering.

I knew that God had answered my prayer when I called out with intensity and for the next 3 weeks I was praying “God please give me a break, God I need a break, God cut me a flipping break!”

Finally, one night while I was back into my old habits of over indulging in eating, drinking, spending, sleeping, excessive tv and numbing myself out… I took my

dogs for a run in the field after an expensive dinner out that I couldn’t afford.

I was having a moment of joy… smiling and laughing when I looked over my shoulder to see my sweet dog, BABY, a 65lb plus greyhound cross run straight into me and “BREAK” my leg! Snap, crack and a wave of nausea and heat washed over me.

God answered my prayer alright. CLEAR as a crashing BELL. I even heard a voice when it happened “You asked for a Break, you got a Break…. next time ask for a vacation or a new opportunity or paid time off, its your choice!” It was a Radical WAKE UP CALL to the power of the Infinite and that Ask and Receive is indeed a Universal Law and also Words Have the POWER to shape your LIFE, literally!

I began my deep dive investigation ( thats never ended) and I went straight to Hypnotherapy School, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Studies and Doula Training while still in a cast!

I was going to become the master of my mind and write my life story the way I wanted it. I was no longer going to let sickness, pain, suffering, trauma and drama and the desperation that comes from them be the motivator for change! And I was going to make damn sure that my words were weaving the story I was manifesting with consciousness and stop creating crap and start creating ease and Magic.

My life turned around on a dime! I have never had another bout with Crohn’s Disease ever again (I had suffered 34 years on a regular basis prior). And I’ve never stopped learning, discovering, investigating and investing in myself! I chose a new life, by creating a new mind and aligning my energy with it and in the process I found my life purpose of Helping Women Like YOU eliminate and eradicate

their negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings toward ultimate freedom and peace. Empowering them to unleash their infinite possibilities to activate their manifesting magic now and live their Extraodinary Life!

I cleared the subconscious programming from my mind, delete stories I had bought that did not serve the Goddess and Being, I truly am and started teaching other amazing women how they can do the same.

I have had the joy to watch their confidence, health, relationships, careers and wealth SKY ROCKET too!

I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest ofmy professional life to helping other women, breakthrough their inner blocks, kick start their health and vitality, and have the FREEDOM to create the life they’ve always dreamed of full of abundance, love and possibility for expansion on all levels.

I’ve worked with many private clients, spoken in front of countless groups: I lived my dream of a healthy, abundant lifestyle… in multiple locations of paradise including Hawaii and coastal California. I have traveled to India to participate in sacred rituals with the Goddess and to offer service at an orphanage on the Ganges River- running my business from the beach on my laptop as I travel and having the freedom that I always wanted! How does it get any better than that?

I had 35 years of crap built up when I started to unravel it all. There is another story for later that happened at age 45 where I really Unleveled so it is never too late to get unburied from your shit and step into your Extraordinary Life and I know how to manage the clean up and get out while simultaneously stepping into and embracing the New YOU and life…. it isn’t an either/or situation…. you can have it all with support and the right tools and program.

I have created “Infinite Sparkle, Infinite YOU™, a series of 8 important inner and outer steps every woman needs to apply in their life to get out of her own way, and sky rocket her health and wellbeing to create a life she loves in record time because I like it FAST! When you decide, you decide and results are what are needed to keep the motivation to keep going. Trauma & Drama used to create fast change…. but that sucks and it was hard and painful…. now I make fast changes with reasonable ease, a plan, support and joy and SO CAN YOU!

Infinite Sparkle Infinite YOU

#1 Embrace the Knowing of How Your Mind Works
#2 Take Control of the Words You Use & become a Word Alchemist
#3 Identify the Stories You Bought and that are running your life unconsciously and repetitively
#4 Delete and Uncreate the OLD Stories & Paradigms
#5 CHOOSING For YOU, Ending the People Pleasing Cycle
#6 Implement Systems That Keep you From Relapsing Into the Trauma and Drama Cycle when life throws you a curve ball
#7 Live into Your Ultimate Vision NOW! Mega Manifesting Upgrades.
#8 Celebrate, Get Your Sparkle ON and Repeat!

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Woo Hoo, where do I send it?

Congrats on CHOOSING an World-Class Mindset to Activate & Magnetize Your Success, Freedom & Prosperity NOW with Ease and Sparkle!

Listen to the audio daily for 21 to 30 days and let me KNOW on my FB page what magic is showing up for YOU!

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